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[GOGGAS] Interview with the Author Goo Hyunseong #2

(continued from Interview #1)

4. ‘4’ is the number for death in far East Asia. Some buildings use ‘F’ for the fourth floor on the elevator. Some older generations are still scared of it. This comic book was planned to be 44 pages. What effect did you want to give by having 44 pages?

I thought the impact of ‘4’ in our real-life suits very well for this project. Whether readers can notice it or not, I hope it gives an effect on the book. I quite like seeing 44 instead of 4. It looked like an after-image to me. I hope the anxiety got doubled. (laugh)

5. Who inspires you most among other artists?

- I was interested in horror comics and shocked by Kazuo Umezu’s works. He is the master of Japanese horror comics and his uncanny story and style impressed many readers and artists. His comics are more than horror as a genre. The combination of the peculiar ideas, perspectives and his unique style makes a synergy effect. I am a big fan of Kazuo Umezu and love his works.

6. What kind of comics do you want to do in the future?

- I want to show comics can handle various directions and possibilities. It can experiment with comic’s elements or genre with stories. I do not want to settle in the same style and repeat over and over again. I hope readers find my work fresh and new regardless of times and mostly fun.

Goo Hyunseong’s other works


There is someone. This gender unknown person has two special abilities; teleport space and travel time. Yet, this person is possessed by a higher being, keep circling around the same place and time eternally.


A man is watching TV. He doesn’t like anything about the guy on TV. So, he goes to the internet and type about the guy. He is not the only one there who doesn’t like the guy from TV. The more people talk about the celebrity, the more smog comes out. This smog comes out of the internet and strangles the famous person from TV.

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