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[GOGGAS] Interview with the Author Hwang Biori #2

Remembering Memories until Numb, the Second Book

Different choices lead us to different paths and eventually make us different people from the past. Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World was about two besties on this crossroads. Friendships from school years don’t necessarily last or stay the same. When you meet your best friend from your teenage years, you might wonder ‘why was I even friends with this person?’ ‘Why did I like them?’ Biori’s Remembering Memories until Numb (Remembering from below) describes this feeling to a taste. It is about besties meeting up later in life after their lives have diverged.

Editor: Remembering showed what you can do. It was more interesting because it was right after Christmas, Again. All three stories are dry, twisted, and dark in their own ways.

Biori: Christmas, Again was a fantasy. (laughs) I drew the world I wanted to see, bright and unrealistic. Then I wanted it to be the opposite and it became Remembering. The backbone of the story is the character Kimgaeng. The first episode is about her and her best friend from high school. I thought it would be fun to have a little bit of Kimgaeng’s childhood, so that is the second episode. The last episode is a story Kimgaeng tells at the Children’s Museum where she works. I was running out of time at the end of Remembering. I could have done better with the last episode.

Editor: You are mean. Her head is a bomb.

Biori: Teenagers care so much about their looks. When we talked about how unattractive someone was we said, “He/she is a bomb!” Kimgaeng is a bomb. I found it useful to express her emotion because her head was a bomb. You know, when you hold upsetting emotions or

pretend it is okay too long, you explode eventually. I had fun drawing her wick short or long, depending on her feelings.

Editor: As far as I know, Remembering is an autobiography. The second episode, ‘Taste of a Candy’ has an aggressive and violent girl. How much of it is true there?

Biori: Remembering is almost an autobiography. A big part of it is based on my experience. I took the experience apart and put it together as a different story. I also mixed and rebuilt the characters. The picture diary from ‘Taste of a Candy’ is mine from my childhood.

(to be continued...)

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