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[GOGGAS] Interview with the Author Hwang Biori #3

All Artists struggle

Editor: Some artists see their works over and over again and are proud of them. They can’t seem to stop talking about it. How about you?

Biori: I can’t do that. It takes about a year for me to feel at ease. I just can’t read it for a while.

Editor: You didn’t start as a comic book artist. How did you decide to draw comic books?

Biori: I studied fine art, but the fine art language wasn’t for me. I admired drawing with stories then drifted towards comics. When I self-published my first book, it felt really good.

When you do fine art, you hold exhibitions with your works. There aren’t many people interested in an artist fresh out of university. When the exhibition is done, there isn’t enough space to store works at home.

I had to throw my works away like they were trash. I felt like I was producing trash. It was also painful. Nobody was seeing my works either. After I published books, Some bought my book and posted about it on social media. I participated in some book markets. I met people in the market and talked about books. Communicating with the readers was interesting and it was such a pleasure.

When you read books, you sit down and dedicate time to the book. I feel grateful when readers are spending their time on the work I’ve done. Making time is always more difficult than you think.

Editor: You published three books already. How do you feel when each one is done?

Biori: It always feels great. It feels so nice but I am not sure what I’ve done. People ask me what the next one will be about. But each time I think ‘Next? Will there be another?’ That repeats.

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