Comics and Graphic Novels

Goggas means 'insects' in Afrikaans, the language from South Africa. Insects are the longest living species on earth as they never stop evolving. Goggas is founded to bring you good stories with insect spirit. We will evolve!

이미지 제공: Miika Laaksonen


She lost her cat. Her room is too quiet without the cat. She still feels the cat but not around. So, she decided to leave.

The boy doesn’t go outside. But he plays games and wants to be someone who can always be there for, just like an NPC, non-player character. He is taking a step to make his dream come true.

The front of the book starts with the girl’s story who lost her cat. At the back of the book, the boy’s story begins. Open the story you want to unfold. Whichever side you choose, see you halfway.


There is a man in the house of delusion. He feels strange. Maybe, it is only a feeling. There are visions and disintegrated words.

Is he really seeing these or are they only in his mind? This 44-pages comic book is pushing the boundary of comics, also horror and anxiety.

The strongly illustrated images are composed to create fear and unstable mental conditions. This short but intense comic book will make you experience strangeness and confusion.